The Housing Authority of St. Louis County.


Property Owners

HASLC partners with more than 1500 private property owners to provide affordable housing in St. Louis County.  A landlord is free to lawfully screen housing choice voucher applicants on the same basis other applicants are screened. If a landlord accepts the applicant as a tenant, the rent meets the HCV program guidelines, and the unit passes inspection, rental assistance can begin. No long-term commitment on the part of tenant or landlord exists past the end of the lease.

Tenants are responsible for paying approximately 30% of their income for rent and utilities. The difference between what tenants are required to pay and the actual rent is paid monthly by the Housing Choice Voucher program directly to landlords.  Landlords can have a good expectation of payment even when renting to low- and moderate-income tenants.

Landlords interested in working with clients who have a voucher through The Housing Authority of St. Louis County may complete and submit the leasing packet issued to the HASLC client. The landlord must ensure the client is an active client by checking the dates on the client’s voucher.

The Housing Authority of St. Louis County holds a meeting at their main office on the third Wednesday of each month for prospective and current landlords. The meeting is informal and landlords may ask questions and get information regarding the program.

Owner Responsibilities

Owners participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program have the following continuing responsibilities:

  • Maintain unit in compliance with Housing Quality Standards (HQS)
  • Complete repairs in a timely manner.
  • Screens applicants applying for a unit.
  • Collect security deposit and the tenant’s monthly portion of rent.
  • Keep landlord-paid utilities in service.
  • Report move-outs timely.
  • Notify HASLC of any changes in ownership.
  • Abide by any further requirements imposed by the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract, laws or regulations.

Annual Rent Increases

An owner may request an increase in the contract rent when a lease comes due annually.  A written request must be submitted between (120) and (60) days prior to the tenant’s lease expiration. Requests forms must be sent to

HASLC will conduct a Rent Reasonableness study to determine and document whether the requested rent increase is reasonable.

Download Rent Increase Request Form

Owner Changes

Owner should complete a Change of Owner Information Form for any address changes, adds, changes or removals of a Management Company and for any changes in ownership.  Visit the Forms section or click here to print a Change of Owner Information Form.  Questions may be emailed to

Direct Deposit

In an effort to reduce costs and better serve you, HASLC is changing the way payments are processed to property owners, landlords, and managing agents participating in our Housing Choice Voucher Program. As our operating costs continue to rise and the HUD funding does not, it is necessary we find ways to reduce costs without reducing services.

HASLC will enforce mandatory direct deposit. Direct deposit will assist HASLC in reducing the cost of printing and mailing Housing Assistance Payment checks and eliminating the chance of checks being lost or stolen.

Direct deposit can be setup by completing the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form.  Please click here to complete the form.  Attach a VOIDED check to the form. Send the completed form and voided check by e-mail to, mail, or hand deliver, to the Housing Authority office at 8865 Natural Bridge Rd., St. Louis, MO 63121.

Direct deposit detail is available on the landlord portal.

If you have already registered for the landlord portal, you may sign in at any time to access your information.

If you have not registered, please review the HASLC Landlord Registration Notification emailed to all landlords/owners. If you have any questions, please email for assistance.

If you have any questions regarding direct deposits, please contact

Vendor Portal

The Housing Authority of St. Louis County has a web-based portal for our owners/landlords.

The portal provides the following:

Contact information such as mailing address, email and telephone numbers;

Ability to view billing and payment transactions on a ledger;

Ability to view the caseworker information for tenants;

Ability to view the current and historical inspection information on units;

And the ability to view unit information such as holds or abatements placed on a unit.

For information on how to register, please send an email to

Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”) Information

Click here for information on Emergency Transfers under VAWA  for  the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and Moderate Rehabilitation(MOD) Programs.

Click here for the HUD-5382 VAWA certification form.

St. Louis Domestic and Family Violence Council Resources for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence


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