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The Housing Choice Voucher program is designed to allow families to move without the loss of housing assistance.  The housing voucher is portable and allows a family to take it with them whether they move inside or outside of HASLC’s jurisdiction.

Moving inside of HASLC’s Jurisdiction

Families have the opportunity to receive a Housing Choice Voucher to relocate to another unit at the time of their annual re-certification if the requirements listed below are met.

  • The family has supplied HASLC and their current landlord with a 30-day written notice they are not renewing their lease.
  • The family has terminated their existing lease within the lease provisions.
  • The family is in good standing with previous and current landlords.
  • The family is current on any debt owed to any Housing Authority.
  • The family has supplied all requested information to HASLC.
  • The family has found acceptable alternate housing.
Moving Outside HASLC’s Jurisdiction – Portability of a Voucher

Portability is the ability of the family to move from one Housing Authority’s jurisdiction to another.  A voucher can be transferred anywhere in the United States to a Housing Authority administering the Housing Choice Voucher program.

A participant who would like to transfer outside HASLC’s jurisdiction at the time their application is approved, must have lived in St. Louis County or St. Louis City at the time they first applied for rental assistance.

If a participant did not reside in St. Louis County or St. Louis City at the time they first applied for rental assistance, they are required to reside in HASLC’s jurisdiction for one year before moving.

A family wishing to move to our  jurisdiction must consult with their Housing Authority to verify the procedures for moving.

If you have an active voucher from another Housing Authority and you are interested in moving into the St. Louis area, please read the following information:


  1. Your Housing Authority will need to fax or email your paperwork to our Agency before we can set up and appointment with you. When your paperwork has been received by our Agency and appointment will be scheduled within two weeks.
  2. The voucher cannot expire before 30 calendar days from the expiration date of the initial Housing Authority voucher.
  3. Paperwork for incoming Ports should be faxed to Attn: Portability at (314) 427-4870, or email to  You may request an appointment by sending an email to
Phone | (314) 428-3200 Fax | (314) 949-7585 Hearing Impaired | Relay MO 711 or 1-800-735-2966